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My name is Don Sloan. My wife Linda and I started this website on July 1, 2018, when we made the momentous decision to move to the beautiful Hill Country of Texas when she retires in June, 2020.

What does that have to do with barndominiums?

Between now and then, we’re going to buy about 10 acres outside Lockhart — where my mother’s family has lived since the turn of the last century — and we will put up a medium-sized barndominium right in the middle of our new “spread.”

It’s land where my great-grandfather and a whole generation of kinfolk picked cotton as sharecroppers way back during the days after the Civil War.

Our new “barndo” will have a front porch facing east, so we can watch the sun rise over low lying tule fog in the next valley, and a big ole deck on the back, so we can see the sun set in blazing glory behind the hills to the west.

So – why start an entire website devoted to barndominiums?

Well, it’s like this. The other day I started exploring rural home builders near Austin, Texas. I typed that search phrase into Google and this photo popped up.

Credit: Bear Creek Homes

Hmm. Doesn’t look like a traditional custom home, I thought. Check out the fieldstone and those front doors. Looks more like a barn than a house.

And so  I — like many of you, I guess — was hooked. “That’s where we’re going to spend our Golden Years,” I told Linda, who happily agreed.

And the rest, as they say, is recent history

I started searching the Internet for good, solid, unbiased information on barndominiums and discovered that there wasn’t any. Every scrap of knowledge was either on a barndo builder’s website or in a blog discussion thread or on a Facebook group page.

But I had to really search in order to find answers for the questions I had.

  • How much does a barndominium cost?
  • What is the square foot cost of a barndominium?
  • Do barndominiums come in a DIY kit?
  • Who makes barndominium kits in texas?
  • Are there any small barndominium kits made of wood, not metal?

And dozens more. So I did some research and found I wasn’t the only one searching. Each of the questions above are typed into Google hundreds of times each month.

And the single word “Barndominium” is searched for 33,100 times a month.

My new mission

I’m disabled and confined to a wheelchair or my recliner pretty much all the time. I have a degenerative spinal column condition that’s never going to get any better. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that my laptop takes me anywhere I want to go digitally. So I have decided to put my abundance of time to good use and create this site as a place for both barndo newbies — like I am — and barndominium veterans, who pioneered this remarkable housing revolution not that long ago.

In conclusion

Our goal with this site is — eventually — to have an article for virtually every question you might be able to think up regarding barndominiums. No one is paying me to say nice things about Barndominium Builder X or Barndo Kit Y. I’ll feel free to impart my independent observations and share consensus answers from barndo owners everywhere. As long as the information is factual, relevant and in good taste, I’ll pass it along.

Please be our virtual partners in this endeavor. Submit comments at the bottom of the home page and I’ll respond as quickly as I can. And please share this site with friends and contacts on social media. Visit our Facebook group — Barndominium Life — and join the conversation. Just ask to join and I’ll respond quickly.

And check back here often. We’re trying to post 3-4 new articles a week. So if there’s a topic you’d like us to explore, a question you need researched and answered, or just some neat barndominium factoid or barndo lifestyle trend you’ve run across, post it here as a comment or in our FB group.

And for heaven’s sake, if I’ve made some ridiculous newbie pronouncement in one of my early articles, please tell me about it in a comment or via email — so I can fix it. I thank you in advance.

Thanks for stopping by our site. I hope to one day — in 2020 — be writing articles and posting them from my barndo’s front porch or back deck, sipping coffee or a cold Shiner Bock.

Ah, that will be sweet.

Take care, Don

donsloan01 (at) gmail.com – (If you’re a spammer, don’t even THINK of sending me a note…)

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